ASUS ROG 6D Batman Edition Live Images Revealed: Launch Expected Today

Today, ASUS will reveal its Dimensity SoC-powered ASUS ROG 6 lineup. Before the official launch, it seems that the company is also looking forward to unveiling some special editions.

This morning, the famous blogger @DigitalChatStation (on Weibo) revealed the live images of the ASUS ROG 6D Batman-themed Special Edition. The ASUS ROG has designed this special edition in collaboration with the Batman cartoon. The entire ASUS ROG 6D Batman Edition can be observed in the live images.

Starting from its packaging, the device comes in rectangle-octagon-shaped briefcase type packing, with a large batman logo on top. After opening it, you will see all the standard things like a mobile charger and some manuals except a non-standard camera module.

It is not confirmed for what purposes the camera will be used, but it looks like a spying camera or a kind of webcam. If we look at the device, there is nothing new on the front side but the difference can be seen on the backside. There is a batman design in the middle, plus there is a branding of ROG Batman Edition.

The texture of the device also looks pretty smooth, ensuring that the handling experience of the ROG 6D Batman Edition would be incredible. The package also consists of a batman theme customized back cover of ASUS ROG 6D.

Regarding specifications, the internals is almost the same except for the storage version, which is 16GB RAM, while the other variants will also be available with a smaller RAM capacity. All the specs in ASUS ROG 6D are the same as in standard ASUS ROG 6. However, the only difference is the chipset which is Dimensity 9000.

The chipset is manufactured by Mediatek, based on a 4nm manufacturing process and comes with a total of eight cores, including a Cortex-X2 Super Core (clocked @3.05GHz), 3x Cortex-A710 Performance Cores (clocked @2.85GHz), and 4x Cortex-A510 Energy-efficient core (clocked @1.85GHz).

It is expected that the ASUS ROG 6D Batman Edition will also be the part of today’s launch event (of standard ASUS ROG 6D).


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