Recommended for Common Laptop Accessories

When you buy a new laptop, if you buy it in an online store, you may only get a laptop and a power supply. Today, I will share with you some common laptop parts and accessories.

Although the laptop can use the trackpad instead of the mouse, many friends will have the habit of using the mouse. Many times the mouse can greatly facilitate our use, especially when playing games. Here I would recommend using a wireless mouse. Compared with a wired mouse, it is free from the shackles of wires and is very comfortable to use.

Laptop bag
When you go out, a laptop is sometimes necessary to carry. We can’t just hold a laptop with our hands. This is where the laptop bag comes in handy. It is recommended that friends can buy a laptop bag with an inner liner and fleece, so that the protection effect is particularly good.

Mouse pad
The mouse is more comfortable to use with a mouse pad. Some friends may feel that the mouse pad is not necessary. I thought it would be fine just to find a cloth or not use a mouse pad. In fact, the mouse pad can protect the mouse foot sticker, reduce the wear and tear mouse foot sticker, extend the service life, and make the mouse move more smoothly and smoothly.

Laptop stand
The laptop stand has two more important functions. First, the bracket can adjust the viewing angle of the screen, which can reduce the pressure on the cervical spine and reduce the occurrence of cervical spondylosis. If you keep looking at the laptop in one posture for a long time, it is estimated that cervical spondylosis will come to you soon. Cervical spondylosis, which will limit the movement of the cervical spine, headache, dizziness, pain on both sides or back of the cervical spine, numbness in the arms, easy injury to the cervical spine, etc.

laptop stand

Second, it is conducive to laptop cooling. If you use the laptop for a long time or play laptop games, the laptop often gets hot. After raising the laptop, the bottom is not blocked, so that the air can be circulated, which is more conducive to the cooling of the laptop.

The SSD capacity of most laptops is generally 512GB. In the process of using the laptop, there will be more and more software and files. At this time, you can consider installing an SSD to increase the laptop’s performance! Most laptops will reserve an m.2 port to install a solid-state drive. In this way, you don’t have to worry that your hard disk will not be enough.

Docking station
If you want to upgrade the performance after buying the laptop, and the configuration of the laptop ports cannot be changed, if there is a need to connect more cables, then a powerful docking station is essential. The dock is the right choice for you. The condition is that your laptop has a Thunderbolt interface.

Keyboard Cover
I don’t particularly recommend the keyboard cover. First of all, it affects the heat dissipation of the laptop, and second, it will not feel particularly good. common Laptop keyboards have a basic splash-proof function. If you want to clean the keyboard, you can use keyboard mud or a wet cloth.

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