Edifier releases Lolli Pods Pro true wireless headphones

Edifier has now released Lolli Pods Pro true wireless active noise reduction headphones, the pre-sale price of 349 yuan.

This headset supports -38dB deep noise reduction and has an ambient sound listening mode; it is equipped with a polymer composite diaphragm and supports AAC high-definition audio decoding; when the game mode is turned on, the delay can be reduced to 80ms.

Edifier Lolli Pods Pro earphones support fast charging, and the charging box uses a USB-C port. The official claims that charging for 10 minutes can give you 1 hour of listening. In terms of battery life, the standard battery life of this headset is 5h+15h, and the noise reduction battery life is 4h+12h.

Lolli Pods Pro

Edifier only provides the white option for Lolli Pods Pro this time. The charging box and earphones are treated with high-gloss white. The front of the box is equipped with an LED indicator light that can display the status, and the EDIFIER logo. The USB-C port for charging is placed at the bottom, and the physical button for starting the pairing mode is placed on the back of the charging box.

The difference is that the Edifier adjusted the size of the earphone, and the volume of the ear part became larger. In addition to allowing enough space for the acoustic structure, it can also fill the position of the ear when wearing it, improving the ear feel and sound insulation effect.

The shape of the earphones and earplugs have also been specially adjusted, and the earplugs provided this time will have a higher degree of fit. As long as it is matched with a suitable size rubber plug, Lolli Pods Pro in noise reduction mode can achieve a noise reduction effect of up to -38dB.

It has a battery life of 4 hours in noise reduction mode, and it can be used for a total of 16 hours with a charging box that can provide 12 hours of battery life. If you don’t use the noise reduction mode, you can add 1 hour and 3 hours of battery life to achieve 5+15 battery life.

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