Huawei Band 6 and 6 Pro will be released next month

A digital blogger revealed today that Huawei will launch new smart bracelet products next month, which are expected to be Huawei Band 6 and Huawei Band 6 Pro.

In addition, he also revealed that Huawei’s new watches are also expected to be unveiled. The design is similar to the previously released Huawei Watch FIT, which is very beautiful.

Huawei Band

Huawei’s last wristband product was the Huawei Band B6 released in July last year. It is equipped with the Kirin A1 chip and the industry’s new Bluetooth 5.2 protocol, supports 3C fast charging, and starts at 999 yuan. The Huawei Band 4 Pro was released in 2019 and is priced at 399 yuan. It is not yet clear why Huawei skipped 5 and released 6 this time, but it can be confirmed that Huawei’s next bracelet is 6.

Huawei launched the Huawei Watch FIT smartwatch on December 23, 2020. It has built-in 12 fitness courses, 44 standard movement demonstrations, 96 sports modes such as yoga, built-in independent GPS, and supports heart rate detection. , Supports continuous blood oxygen saturation monitoring around the clock, battery life up to 10 days, priced at 799 yuan.

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