Apple iPad and MacBook models with OLED screens will be unveiled in 2022

According to DigiTimes, the authoritative media of Taiwan’s supply chain, industry sources pointed out that Apple plans to launch new iPad and MacBook models with OLED displays in 2022.

Although Apple Watch, iPhone, and other products have introduced AMOLED screens, Apple Mac and iPad products still use LCD screens. It is expected that Apple will launch 12.9-inch iPad Pro and MacBook Pro with mini-LED screens this year.


It is worth mentioning that South Korean media The Elec has reported that Apple plans to launch a new iPad Pro with an OLED screen in the second half of 2021, and claims that Samsung and LG are already developing new screens. However, a subsequent research report issued by an analyst at Barclays Bank indicated that the iPad equipped with an OLED display is not planned to be launched this year.

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