MSI Titan GT77 Inside, Disassembly and SSD, RAM Upgrade Options

The all-new Titan GT77 is the latest gaming notebook from MSI, which comes with high-end specifications. All the components used inside the notebook are the latest and the best you can get in a gaming notebook (the latest component includes PCIe 5.0 SSD and DDR5 RAM). In this article, we will explain the disassembly scenario of the notebook.

On removing the bottom cover, all the main components (like RAM, SSD, Battery, Cooling System, and Wi-Fi Card) are easily visible, which are discussed in detail below:

MSI Titan GT77


After removing the back cover, a big-sized white-colored metal shield on RAM modules (in between the cooling fan and battery) can be seen, which needs to be removed to have access to RAM modules. After removing the cover, RAM modules attached to the motherboard can be seen.

MSI Titan GT77 memory

In total, there are four slots that let the user maintain Quad Channel Memory. However, the Quad Channel Memory has a limitation of fixed frequency (i.e., 4000MHz). It means if four RAM sticks are connected to the motherboard, the RAM frequency will be limited to 4000MHz only. However, the full frequency can be achieved in the case of single, dual, and triple channel memory. The retail model comes with a total of 32GB memory (2x 16GB DDR5 RAM modules) and can be upgraded to a max of 128 Gigs. To upgrade the memory, plug the new RAM modules into empty slots.


There are a total of four SSDs slots in MSI Titan GT77. All of them are placed in different locations, as can be seen on the motherboard. At the top right of the RAM area, a single 1TB M.2 (2280) NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD is connected to the motherboard. All the other three SSD slots are placed at the left of the RAM modules. At the top-left of the RAM module, there is a PCIe 5.0 SSD slot, the fastest SSD protocol yet. At the right of the network card, the other two SSDs slots can be seen; these are PCIe 4.0 SSD slots. For upgrading the storage, simply put the new and compatible M.2 2280 SSDs in the empty slots.

MSI Titan GT77 SSD


The battery is one of the most prominent things that can be seen on the bottom after the disassembly of the notebook. The MSI Titan GT77 is equipped with a 4-cell 99.99WHr large battery, carrying model number: BTY-M6M. Some other details are also mentioned on the battery, like 15.2V current, 6678mAh capacity, and Li-polymer battery type.

For removing the battery, the method is straightforward, unlike the previous models. All you need to do is disconnect the battery connector, unscrew all the screws around it, and then remove it. For reconnecting the battery, follow the procedure reversely.

Cooling System:

Another prominent thing you might see (after the notebook’s teardown) is the notebook’s cooling system, which consists of four unparalleled fans, seven pipes, six exhausts, 156 high airflow fan blades, and 431 cooling fin frost blade pieces. The high-end cooling system can easily bear high temperatures, ensuring proper heat dissipation at the same time. When the cooling system works with full efficiency, the maximum performance juice from the CPU and GPU can be obtained.

If you want to remove the cooling fans, pipes, and exhausts of MSI Titan GT77, remove all the screws around the cooling system, remove all the cables connected with the motherboard and slightly remove them from the motherboard. After removing, you can deeply clean the cooling fans and other cooling system equipment.

Network Card:

On the left side of the notebook, the Wi-Fi card of the notebook (covered with yellow tape) can be seen. It is the latest Killer AX1675 Wireless Network Card which supports the latest Wi-Fi 6E network protocols. With a faster network speed, the notebook can achieve a better internet speed during gaming and eliminates the cause of lags. To remove the Network Card, remove the yellow tape, then two antenna cables, and slightly try to detach it from the M2 slot on the motherboard.

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