How to Remove and Replace Keycap on Laptop Keyboard

In long-term usage of a notebook (around 3-4 years), there is a high probability that some keys on your laptop keyboard might start malfunctioning (start sticking, failing, or self-activating). This happens most probably due to the gunk (including dust, food particles, and other dirt) that got built up under the keys with the passage of time and usage. In some cases, you are required to replace the entire keyboard key, but sometimes replacing the keycap can also help service the keyboard.


In this (How-To) tutorial, we will tell you the entire process of replacing the keycap. Before starting the replacement process, ensure you have prying up tool that is not bigger than the key’s size. We have used a metal spudger for removing keycaps. Turn off your notebook to avoid any electric current during the replacement process. Following are the steps for removing the keycaps:

  • At first, place the prying up tool under a corner of the key (you want to remove it) and try to pry it up gently. In case of a longer key (like a spacebar), put the prying-up tool under the middle area of the key in order to avoid any breakage. If only the key popped up and the keycap was still attached to the laptop, you could use your fingers to remove the keycap entirely.
  • Most of the laptop’s keyboard uses a scissor-switch mechanism, so maybe on removing the keycap, you might see a hinges retainer (scissor-switch) that is still attached to the key. If required, it can be removed by placing the prying-up tool under a corner and gently pushing it (upside) until it snaps out.

In the following steps, we will do the replacement process of keycaps. Before beginning, cleaning the keyboard can be done. Use a low-pressure vacuum cleaner to put out all the dirt. Following are the steps for replacement:

  • Now, the key is removed. Carefully observe the metal hooks on the keyboard where the previous one used to be. Align the plastic hinge, so the holes get lined up with the metal hooks.
  • Put the small plastic piece (cup-shaped) equally into the center of the retainer.
  • Now replace the keycap and press it from all four sides so it can fit properly on the keyboard.

We hope your replacement process will be successful after following the above-mentioned steps.

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