Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Will Featured 200MP Main Camera

A few days before, it was reported that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 series would feature the same display as in Galaxy S22 series. However, the information is not limited to display only as more leaks and rumors are coming daily, revealing the breakthrough of all three devices in Samsung’s flagship lineup.

As per the famous blogger @Ice Universe (on Weibo), the top-of-the-line Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature a 200MP primary camera, which would be the second smartphone to feature the highest mega-pixels lens in smartphone history. The 200MP lens will have a 0.6μm pixel size, 1/1.3” sensor size, and an aperture of f1.7.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Main Camera

A few months before, Samsung also released the world’s first 200MP lens named “Samsung ISOCELL HP3.” However, there is a specifications difference in both, so it is expected that Samsung would release a specially designed 200MP lens for its Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Previously, it was reported that the new Galaxy S23 series will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chipset, which is currently unannounced yet. Samsung would most probably eliminate the Exynos SoC-powered models at all. If not, then Galaxy S23 series powered by Exynos 2230/2300 5G chipset would be available in a minimal quantity.

The display specifications of all three models in the Galaxy S23 series would be the same as in Galaxy S22. However, there is a slight difference in the dimensions of the body (the Galaxy S23 series have slightly higher dimensions).

The new Galaxy S23 series is expected to be launched in early 2023.


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